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11/10 Georgetown AMSRO Meeting 7PM EST

The Georgetown AMSRO chapter is super excited to introduce their next guest speaker, Dr. Jonathan Clark, who will be discussing the neurologic effects of spaceflight on November 10th at 7pm EST.

Dr. Clark is board certified in neurology and aerospace medicine; his professional interests focus on the neurologic effects of extreme environments, crew resilience, and crew survival in space. He has been involved with so many incredibly cool things associated with space medicine throughout his career, but I would just like to highlight a few here.

Dr. Clark worked at NASA Johnson Space Center from 1997 to 2005 and was a Space Shuttle crew surgeon on six shuttle missions. He was the medical director of the Red Bull Stratos project, a manned stratospheric balloon freefall parachute flight test program, which successfully accomplished the highest stratospheric freefall parachute jump from 127,852 feet, achieving human supersonic flight (Mach 1.25) without a drogue chute at 843 miles per hour. In 2012, Dr. Clark joined the StratEx Space Dive project as the lead flight surgeon and medical advisor, and this project culminated in the new high altitude exit freefall record of 135,890 feet, reaching Mach 1.22 at 822 miles per hour in 2014. He is also a space medicine consultant for commercial space companies, including Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and Space Perspective.

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