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Call for Submissions to AsMA Video

Here is an opportunity for members of AMSRO and AsMA to submit photos in their "native" aerospace environment to be inlcuded in a video shown at the next annual conference. I encourage anyone who has any photos that can be included to go ahead and submit them. Let's show everyone how great the aerospace medicine profession really is!

I need your help in production of a high energy AsMA Video that we will debut at AsMA in Atlantic City and ultimately use a recruiting tool with the intent to post on Youtube/social media. COL Christopher Borchardt 'Dozer' has graciously agreed to produce the video for AsMA this year. This year's AsMA conference Theme is "Human Performance and the Year of the Aerospace Medicine Professional" so we intend to highlight AsMA members doing there thing (see storyboard below). The goal is to montage in AsMA aerospace pros out in their native environment (flying, clinic, deployed, in the labs, NASA, hyperbarics, whatever) during the last 1-2 minutes to carry that theme. Could you please have your AsMA members send digital photos directly to Col Christopher Borchardt at:

No promise that we will get all the photo's in, but there should be many that make the cut. Thank you for your kind assistance and have a great week!

Very respectfully and Warmest regards / Kris

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