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11/16 Boston University School of Medicine AMSRO Meeting

Boston University School of Medicine is hosting an AMSRO Meeting on 11/16 at 5:30 PM Eastern Time.

Dr. Levin is board certified in emergency medicine and aerospace medicine. He is a physician, educator, and researcher with the Emergency Department at Columbia University Medical Center, and a flight surgeon with NASA’s Commercial Crew and Human Research Programs. He is also co-Founder of the University of Colorado Space and Extreme Environment Medicine Program which focuses on interdisciplinary, simulation-based training for physicians and engineers. His work involves altitude research in the Himalayas; technical SCUBA diving and nautical archeology; medical support and research in Antarctica; supporting commercial spacecraft launches and landings; and designing medical systems and clinical decision support for NASA’s upcoming deep space missions. Dr. Levin also runs a podcast called "Exploration Medicine" as a way to share the fascinating world of extreme environment medicine and the stories/research of its practitioners. All are welcome!

Check your AMSRO email for the Zoom Link!


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