AMSRO Committees

Scientific Paper Award Committee

2019 Co-Chairs: Amran Asadi and Lynda Chowdhury


Committee Objectives

This committee selects the recipient of the AMSRO Scientific Paper Award.  This is the oldest  honor awarded to a student or resident first-listed author submission to the AsMA annual scientific meeting.  It is also the only award in the Aerospace Medical Association for students and residents selected by other students and residents. Abstracts are graded on three criteria: originality, applicability, and scientific merit.

Outstanding Mentorship Award Committee

2019 Co-Chairs: Lynda Chowdhury and Ben Johnson


Committee Objectives

The AMSRO Outstanding Mentorship Award seeks to acknowledge and encourage members of AsMA to continue to mentor and lead the next generation of students and residents in the field of aerospace medicine. The AMSRO bylaws specifically establish the award as well as outline the process for committee formation, chairmanship, nominee eligibility requirements, and nominee selection. The committee judged nominees by the following selection criteria

  1. AsMA membership in good standing

  2. Establishment in the field of aerospace medicine or related specialties

  3. Leadership by example

  4. Demonstration of commitment to the education of medical students or residents

Mentorship Program Committee

Co-Chairs: Ben Johnson and Ste'Von Voice


Committee Objectives

The Mentorship Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining an official mentorship program within AMSRO.

International Outreach Committee



Committee Objectives

Under Development

Military Outreach Committee

Chair: Michael Yue


Committee Objectives

Under development

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