The Orbiter is AMSRO's quarterly newsletter that provides members with:

  • Articles on various aerospace medicine experiences

  • Information about scholarships, training, and career development opportunities.

  • Updates on the field of aerospace medicine including conference events.

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Submission Ideas:

  • Original research or case reports.

  • A description of an aerospace-related class or program that you are part of. Examples: 

    • "What it's like to be a resident in aerospace medicine at UTMB"

    • "The 'Human Space Exploration and Medicine' class at Baylor"

  • Aerospace-related experiences that you have had. Examples:

    • "What I learned about aerospace medicine by getting my pilot's license"

    • "Adventures in parabolic flight"

  • A review of a medical condition related to aerospace medicine. Examples:

    • "Visual impairment due to intracranial pressure in astronauts"

    • "Prevention and treatment of otic barotrauma"

  • Advice for students or residents at an earlier stage than you. Examples:

    • "Ten things I wish I had known as an MS 1"

    • "Tips on landing an aerospace medicine residency"

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