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ExMC Research Rotation

Research Rotation Goal: To gain a greater understanding of exploration space flight medical system design and the tools used to characterize risk through a mentored, academic experience.

Mentorship: Rotation candidates are assigned a mentor—prospectively a member of the Clinical and Science Team in ExMC, an element within NASA’s Human Research Program.

Deliverables: Dependent upon project, deliverables will be defined by the project mentor. Typical rotations will conclude with an oral presentation to the members of the ExMC Clinical and Science Team. This presentation may be delivered virtually, and can be completed after the formal end of the rotation dependent upon student, mentor, and team schedule.

Evaluation: Formal evaluation forms (as required) should be presented to the mentor by the student at the beginning of the rotation. The mentor, ExMC Element Scientist, and/or Deputy Element Scientist will complete the form and return to the home institution.


Faculty: ExMC Element Scientist Kris Lehnhardt;

ExMC Deputy Element Scientist Ben Easter

See PDF for more information:

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