AMSRO membership is open to all undergraduate students, graduate students, medical students, nursing students, residents, and fellows who have an interest in aerospace medicine and/or related areas.

Membership in AMSRO is open to paid members of the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) only.

You must be a paid member of our parent organization, the Aerospace Medicine Association, in order to join AMSRO.


1 - Fill out the membership application form below. Remember - both new members AND current members need to fill out this form every year for verification of identity and updating member information.

2 - Click the following link to pay your yearly AMSRO dues of $10:


3 - Check to make sure that you have opted-in to the membership directory on AsMA in order for us to confirm your membership. You can also send a screenshot of your AsMA membership to .


4 - Once all three of these items are completed, you will receive an email confirming your membership and be added to the appropriate mailing lists and groups.

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"To advance the science and art of aerospace and diving medicine among undergraduate, graduate, medical, allied medical and nursing students, as well as among medical residents, throughout the world."