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2023-2024 Executive Committee

Ben Johnson_edited.jpg

Ben Johnson, MD


Ben is a PGY-1 Emergency Medicine resident at Stanford Healthcare, and is honored to serve as President of AMSRO. As president, he is eager to advance the visibility of students and trainees in the aerospace medicine community and creating a strong foundation so that AMSRO can keep providing services for many years. He is also greatly invested in promoting mentorship and helping students find reliable information and opportunities in aerospace medicine. Previously in AMSRO, he served as Vice President, Secretary, and co-chaired the AMSRO Mentorship Committee. His aerospace research interests include changes in the human microbiome in isolation, the psychology of polar exploration, computer detected team psychology measures, space radiation effects on the CNS, and vestibular function in microgravity. He was a Sally Ride Intern at NASA JSC in 2017 and received the Anita Mantri, PhD Memorial Travel Scholarship from AsMA in 2020.

stephens bio photo.jpg

Michael Stephens

Vice President

Michael is a PGY-2 Emergency Medicine resident at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He spent 6 years flying on reconnaissance aircraft in the Iraq and other parts of the Middle East for the Navy and worked for the National Security Agency doing everything from cryptography to interpreting Arabic and managing the vast intelligence assets in the Middle East and North Africa. Through these experiences and talks with his own flight surgeon, he became interested in Aerospace Medicine. He obtained his PPL during medical school and loves sharing his passion for both aviation and space medicine with anybody who will pretend to listen. His goals for AMSRO this year include laying a foundation of structure and organization to this rapidly growing organization.  It’s humbling to think that when we send people to Mars, the physicians involved will almost certainly have been a part of AMSRO.


Clare McNerlin, MS4


Clare is a fourth year medical student at Georgetown University School of Medicine. She plans to pursue Emergency Medicine as her primary speciality and later apply for an Aerospace Medicine residency/fellowship program. As an aspiring occupational flight surgeon, she is passionate about sharing the field of Aerospace Medicine with those around her. As your AMSRO secretary, she hopes to continue to provide resources for those interested in Aerospace Medicine and be a mentor for those just starting their journey. In her free time, she is planning her next hiking/backpacking adventure or working on her private pilot license. 


Ryan Keller


Membership Coordinator

Ryan is a fourth year medical student at Baylor College of Medicine. He has been a part of AMSRO for 4 years now but has been interested in Aviation/Aerospace Medicine long before that. He is applying for residency training in Emergency Medicine with the United States Air Force and hopes to work as a flight doc with an eventual Residency in Aerospace Medicine. He is a die-hard Baylor Bear and New Orleans Saints fan and in his free time, he likes to scuba dive and fish on his kayak in Galveston and Texas City. As your AMSRO Treasurer/Membership Coordinator, he is dedicated to helping each member get the most out of our organization and jump-start their journey in this field. 

UNC Composite Photo.jpeg

Tom Diaz, PY4


Tom is a 4th year pharmacy student at the University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy in Chapel Hill, NC. After graduation, he plans to attend a residency program focused in critical care, and eventually work as a clinical pharmacist. He has previously served as a co-chair of the AMSRO elections committee and scientific paper award committee (2022), founded an AMSRO chapter at UNC (2022), and received the Space Medicine Association Medical and Graduate Education Scholarship (2022) and the AMSRO Scientific Paper Award (2023). His aerospace research interests primarily include space radiation countermeasures, medication stability and potency, and operational challenges of supplying a pharmacy in space. As parliamentarian/historian, he aims to improve semantics surrounding AMSRO’s bylaws and establish a historical perspective of the origins of AMSRO. When he is not in the hospital, you can find Tom at the nearest golf course, or working on his scuba certification!


Joe Butterfield

Chief Editor (Orbiter)

Joseph S. Butterfield is a former AMSRO Parliamentarian returning to serve as Chief Editor.  He is currently a PA student in the University of Pittsburgh's inaugural hybrid program class.  He has been a member of AMSRO since 2012.


Camille Roney, MS2

Social Media Officer

Camille is a second-year medical student at the University of British Columbia. As AMSRO's Webmaster, she implements skills from her previous career as Web Developer and Director of Creation. Throughout her education, she has continued to volunteer as Webmaster for many other non-profit organizations and research teams. Forever curious, she is absolutely fascinated by the wonder of space and am greatly motivated to support humanity's exploration of the unknown with AMSRO. When she's not studying, you'll find her gardening or building forts with her son.


Samantha A. King, MD

Resident in Aerospace Medicine Representative

Sam is a first year Aerospace Medicine Resident at UTMB. She completed medical school at the the Ohio State University College of Medicine. She then went on to complete Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Maryland Medical Center. After residency, Sam served as a chief resident while simultaneously completing an Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasonography fellowship also at the University of Maryland. As the RAM Representative, she is excited to share his experiences and path to Aerospace Medicine and provide a bridge between the Residency Program and the AMSRO community. 

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