This site is meant to be a guide for the residency programs around the world. The terms and conditions for each program are given by each institution. AMSRO members are required to go through the usual selection process for residencies.

UTMB Aerospace Medicine Residency Program

Residents in Aerospace Medicine are provided with diverse routine training opportunities rich in operational aeromedical problems and encounter aerospace operations and human life support systems that are under active study and development.

See our FAQs about the program

Aerospace Medicine Fellowship (Minnesota)

The intent of the Mayo Clinic Aerospace Medicine Fellowship is to provide the means for experienced clinicians with an established aerospace proficiency to focus and to refine their abilities in aerospace medicine and to become leaders in both the clinical and research domains, advancing aeromedical science, and aerospace safety.

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U.S. Naval Residency in Aerospace Medicine


The U.S. Naval Residency in Aerospace Medicine prepares medical officers for board certification and a rewarding medical career.  The practice ofAerospace Medicine focuses on preventive medicine:  the study of disease processes in defined communities or population groups and the stimulation ofpractices with respect to these communities that advance health and prevent disease and injury. 

U.S. Army School of Aviation Medicine

The Army Residency in Aerospace Medicine has been designed from the ground up to produce Aerospace Medicine specialists to support the Army Aviation mission. Army RAMs are skilled clinicians, scientists, and teachers; as well as multi-dimensional staff officers and medical leaders. Graduates of our 3-year program are eligible for dual APMB certification in both Aerospace and Occupational Medicine. Other unique features include rotary-wing emphasis, a focus on MEDEVAC/pre-hospital care, and professional leader development.

USAF School of Aerospace Medicine


USAFSAM promotes readiness and protects force and community health by utilizing a range of tools and expertise including environmental and health surveillance, laboratory and risk analysis, process re-engineering, consultation and technological innovation to maximize operational health capabilities and to solve problems through ingenuity and partnerships. 

Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Bogotá, Colombia


La medicina aeroespacial es una especialidad de la medicina con componentes de medicina de emergencia, preventiva y en especial ocupacional; que estudia los efectos del medio aeronáutico y espacial en el ser humano, sus adaptaciones y repercusiones sobre el organismo sano o enfermo y el uso de fármacos en una persona sometida a tales condiciones.

Universidade GAMA FILHO- Sao Pablo, Brazil


O curso de Medicina Aeroespacial visa especializar médicos para trabalhar no treinamento de pessoal de vôo; trabalhar como perito nas inspeções de saúde; no tratamento das principais doenças produzidas pela atividade aérea; familiarizar médicos com doenças próprias dos viajantes; tratar as doenças pré-existentes nos passageiros dos vôos; orientar o melhor modo do transporte aeromédico; aprender como investigar o acidente aeronáutico; conhecer as principais atividades do aeroporto.

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