AMSRO Scientific Paper Award

The AMSRO Scientific Paper Award is the oldest honor awarded to a student or resident first-listed author submission to the AsMA annual scientific meeting. It is also the only award in AsMA for students and residents selected by other students and residents.

AMSRO  Outstanding Mentorship Award

The AMSRO Outstanding Mentorship Award serves to formally recognize those in the aerospace medicine community who have played an active role in educating and training future aerospace medicine healthcare providers.


Have you had a mentor in the field of Aerospace Medicine who you feel is truly exceptional? If so please consider nominating them for the AMSRO Outstanding Mentorship award!


Nominations will be judged on the following criteria:

The nominated mentor must -

  1. be an active member of AsMA,

  2. be established in the field of aerospace medicine or related specialties,

  3. lead by example, and

  4. demonstrate commitment to the education of medical students or residents.

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