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Student & Resident Announcements

  • The NASTAR Center is recruiting volunteers for a centrifuge trial. Interested volunteers must fill out a medical questionnaire to become registered. Subjects who are selected will be responsible for travel and lodging. Further information can be found in the attached flyer in the link below. To sign up, please visit


  • NASA JSC Test Subject Screening is recruiting volunteers for a 51-day study to simulate flight operations and confinement. Subjects will spend 30 days in confined habitation in the Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) facility at JSC. Researchers will collect blood, urine and saliva; study personal behaviors; and evaluate team cohesion, cognition and communication. Healthy, non-smoking volunteers, ages 30 to 55, must pass a JSC physical and psychological assessment to qualify. Subjects must take no medications, have no dietary restrictions, have a BMI of 29 or less, be 74 inches or less in height and have no history of sleepwalking or use sleep aids. Subjects must have highly technical skills and a Master of Science in a STEM discipline or equivalent years of experience. Volunteers will be compensated. (Some restrictions apply to NASA civil servants and contractors. Contact your Human Resources department for your company's policy.) If interested, contact Linda Byrd, RN, at 281-483-7284, and Rori Yager, RN, at 281-483-7240."

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