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AMSRO 2021 Executive Board Election Results

Congratulations to AMSRO's 2021-2022 executive board!

Thank you for all those who voted in this year’s elections! We had a great year with a lot of highly qualified candidates and engaged voters.

Below are the results for the 2021 election for the AMSRO Executive Committee.

  • President: Ari Epstein

  • Vice President: Ben Johnson

  • Secretary: Christine Schwartz

  • Treasurer: Travis Lambert

  • Parliamentarian: Riley Ferguson

  • Chief Editor: Marlee Mason-Maready

  • Webmaster: Corey James Morris

  • Resident in Aerospace Medicine Representative (RAM): Karen Ong

Thank you to our 2021 AMSRO Elections Committee Co-Chairs Andrew Mergl and Brett Smaga and our Committee Members Kyleigh Connolly, Genevieve Korst, Jacob Holley, Amanda Wilson, Bonnie Posselt, Zack Campbell, Bryce Christensen, and Mihoko Zhang!


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