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Your 2019-2020 officers are:

President: Kseniya Masterova

Kseniya is a third year M.D./Ph.D. student on the Aerospace Medicine Track at the University of Texas Medical Branch. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in physics, biology, and biophysics in 2016. After graduating, she spent her gap year working as a research assistant in the Space Medicine Innovations Lab at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.  She has spent multiple summers at NASA Johnson Space Center working on research in Lifetime Surveillance of Astronaut Health, Exploration Medical Capability, and Exercise Physiology.

Vice President: Emily Stratton

Hailing from the beautiful state of Washington, Emily currently lives in Syracuse, New York where she is an emergency medicine resident physician at the State University of New York Upstate Medical University. She is very interested in the field of aerospace medicine and is active in aerospace medicine research and podcasts.
In her spare time, Emily enjoys staying active, traveling/extreme environment medicine, trying out new foods, writing/reading, and spending time with her animals. Emily has her SCUBA open water certification and hopes to get her pilot license sometime in the next few years.

emily stratton secretary amsro phot.png
Ari Epstein.jpg
Secretary: Ari Epstein

A native of northern Illinois, Ari stayed local as an intern in Family Medicine at Northwestern University. Before medical school, Ari studied History and Biology at the University of Chicago, where he researched preventative health and diabetes interventions on Chicago's South Side from 1960-1980. Ari is grateful for AMSRO's strong mentoring network for connecting him, as a medical student, with supportive research and clinical mentors. With their help, he has presented and written on translational research from spaceflight operations and had amazing experiences at both the NASA Johnson Space Center Aerospace Medicine Clerkship and UTMB Principles of Aviation and Space Medicine course. He most enjoys presenting to elementary and high school STEM students to talk about the multidisciplinary professional opportunities (and really cool science!) Aerospace Medicine offers. Ari races road bikes/triathlons, volunteer-coaches hockey, and plays the drums.

Treasurer/Membership Coordinator: Andrew Mergl

Andrew is a third year internal medicine resident at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens, NYC after completing an MD/MPH at St. George's University. He received a undergraduate degree in physics from McMaster University in Canada. He always had a special interest in astronomy and space and has contributed to the LIGO gravitational wave detection project during a summer internship. He hopes to continue his training and involvement in aerospace medicine after completing residency. Other interests include reading, scuba diving, camping, and skiing.

andrew mergl.jpg
Parliamentarian/Historian: Michael Greene

Mike is a Senior Emergency Medicine Resident at the University of British Columbia. This year he is completing subspecialty training in aviation and space medicine through experiences which include working with the Space Medicine Team at the European Astronaut Centre, and training with the Canadian Forces and the FAA’s Civil Aerospace Medical Institute. He is currently working to help develop a formal Canadian-based aerospace medicine fellowship program. Prior to pursuing medical school at the University of Calgary, Mike studied and worked in the field of aerospace engineering. He completed his undergraduate degree in Space Engineering at York University and a Master’s of Applied Science in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, focusing on microsatellite development. He then gained experience in space robotics working at MDA Space Missions and became a licensed Professional Engineer. He is also an amateur Pilot and SCUBA diver.

Orbiter Editor: Kristi Ray

Kristi is a family medicine resident physician at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is currently a researcher at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston where she studies the effects of pulmonary fluid on immersion and has rotated at Johnson Space Center as a NASA medical clerk! Kristi is interested in the fields of aerospace medicine and hyperbaric and dive medicine. In her spare time, Kristi enjoys SCUBA diving, hiking, and traveling. 

Kristi Ray.jpg
Social Media & Webmaster: Michael Boyle

Michael is a first year Emergency Medicine resident at UCSF-ZSFG in San Francisco. He has a long love of space and aviation, dating back to summers at space camp. In undergrad, he helped design and test an apparatus for cell culture on the ISS on NASA's "Vomit Comet". Between undergrad and medical school, he worked for three years at Google. Most recently, he participated in NASA's Aerospace Medicine Clerkship at JSC and had the time of his life with a group of wonderful people! His research there focused on ultrasound for long-duration space missions and creating a web app for astronaut reporting of suit injuries. He has his pilot's license and loves to SCUBA dive, cook, and go on outdoor adventures. In the future, he hopes to work as an emergency physician and help further NASA's mission of long-duration human spaceflight.

Resident in Aerospace Medicine Rep.: Amy Kreykes

Thank you for electing me as the first Resident in Aerospace Medicine Representative to AMSRO. 


Growing up in an Air Force family peaked my interest in aviation at a young age.  I attended Space Camp and Space Academy as a child, which similarly ignited my interest in space.  When I was 17, I obtained my private pilot’s license and have since added a high-performance rating.  It was not until the end of medical school, at the University of Colorado, that I became aware of the field of Aerospace Medicine; that my love of aviation/space could be combined with my career goal of being a physician.  I completed a Family Medicine Residency at the University of Michigan and was an Aerospace Medicine Clerk at NASA in 2013, during residency.  After residency, I completed a Sports Medicine Fellowship at the University of Michigan.  I practiced for two years, in the remote environment of a Navajo Reservation and internationally in New Zealand.  I am currently a first-year resident in Aerospace Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch. 


I have always been passionate about helping students reach their goals.  I founded the premedical organization at the University of Denver.  In medical school I served as a prospective student ambassador and was a member of the admissions committee (interviewing/ranking applicants).  In residency, I was a resident recruitment officer and again a member of our admission committee (interviewing/ranking applicants).  


I wish I had known more about Aerospace Medicine, earlier in my career.  Unfortunately, there is very limited exposure to Aerospace Medicine in medical school curricula nationwide.  I am working to change this.  I have created, and piloted, a mini-curriculum in Aerospace Medicine to disseminate via AsMA/AMSRO and upon request to student interest groups at medical schools.  I hope it will increase interest in our field and provide students with knowledge about Aerospace Medicine early in their careers.   It should be ready for dissemination in August/September 2019.  Stay tuned!


Thank you again for electing me as the first Resident in Aerospace Medicine Representative to AMSRO.  My job is to be here to help answer questions about Aerospace Medicine Residency and increase awareness and involvement in Aerospace Medicine with residency programs.  Please send me an email.  I look forward to hearing from you:

Kreykes - AMSRO Photo.jpg

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or guilt complexes you'd like to share with any of the officers, please feel free to e-mail us at any time.

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