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Aerospace Med Courses

NASA Johnson Space Center Aerospace Medicine Clerkship

NASA Clerkship

The four week clerkship is available twice yearly in the months of April and October at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

The course includes lectures on aerospace medicine topics as well as tours of the NASA JSC facilities.

Clerkship participants produce a research project and paper which are presented in front of NASA flight surgeons and research personnel at the end of the month.

Fourth year medical students, resident physicians, and beyond may apply for the program.

Contact Katherine McMann (281-244-6844) for more information.

UTMB Principles of Aviation and Space Medicine Short Course

UTMB Short Course

This 4-week course is held typically held the month of July annually. The goal of the course is to provide a thorough familiarization with the history of aviation, spaceflight and the specialty of aerospace medicine, human physiology in aviation and spaceflight, human factors engineering concepts related to aviation and spaceflight, the role of aerospace specialists in the selection, training, medical certification and health maintenance of aviation and spaceflight personnel. Evaluation is determined by participation in class, an oral presentation on a topic from the field of aerospace medicine, and a paper based on the presentation topic.

This course exposes students/residents/practicing physicians to the breadth of the field of aerospace medicine, including the following objectives:

  • Identifying a circumstance in which human factors impose undesirable limitations on current or proposed aerospace operations

  • Review the literature pertinent to the issue

  • Recognize gaps in the related knowledge base

  • Outline research objective to address the knowledge base deficits

  • Introduction and understanding of civil, military, international, and space-related aerospace medicine topics

  • Introduction and interaction with leaders from the field of aerospace medicine

  • Understand the role of regulation on the health and safety of air crew and passengers


The following core and specialty competencies are addressed:

General: Patient Care, Medical Knowledge, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, and Professionalism

Interested applicants for this summer course should contact the program at or call (409) 747-6131 for details about the course and how to apply.

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