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Trailblazer Scholarship

Aerospace Medicine Student & Resident Organization Diversity Opportunity: Trailblazer Scholarship (Formerly the AMSRO Diversity Scholarship)

(Annual Deadline to Apply: March 1)


Eligible Applicants:

Enrolled medical or premedical students who are interested in the fields of aviation medicine and/or space medicine are encouraged to apply if they

1) identify as underrepresented or underserved minorities in medicine and/or aerospace medicine and other aviation- and spaceflight-focused activities, and

2) possess unique qualities, experiences, and perspectives that will enhance the overall diversity of the field of aerospace medicine.


This scholarship aims to engage medical students and premeds (undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, or masters students who intend to apply to medical school) in a highly-specialized branch of clinical practice and, in turn, recruit future subspecialists who may have experienced limited opportunities in space and flight medicine; therefore, special consideration may be given to nonmembers who are new to AsMA and AMSRO.


AMSRO Trailblazer Scholarship Awardees Will Receive:

  • $750.00 to be used toward an approved aerospace medicine event

  • Waived 1-year student membership fee for the Aerospace Medicine Association (AsMA) • Waived student registration fee for the year’s AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting

  • Waived 1-year membership fee for the Aerospace Medicine Student and Resident Organization (AMSRO)

  • Tailored preprofessional mentorship through AMSRO


Application Information:

The mission of AMSRO’s Diversity Committee is to promote the diversity, equity, and inclusion of all persons in aerospace medicine. Core values include:

  • celebrating the field’s existing diversity,

  • identifying gaps in representation and equity, and

  • closing these gaps with specific initiatives and general advocacy.


If you have any questions about this application or details of the scholarship program, please email

See PDF for more information:

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