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Membership Call for an Ad Hoc Committee

Here is another opportunity to get involved at the parent organization level. Dr. Martindale would like to organize memberes to help promote future activities in AsMA that are "specifically aimed at helping members with career development and opportunities."

They are looking to recruit those in the early-to-mid stages of their career and are familiar with the current opportunites in the field. Some ideas posited so for include:

  1. Speed mentoring, to be held in same time and place as the poster session for committees, constituents, and affiliates, with corporate sponsorship. 10 mentors (Fellows Group would participate, I think) and 3-minutes per station (including transit time) would take only 30 minutes of time. It might be good to have a couple of tracks or sessions for different audiences.

  2. Expand our website to allow job-seekers to put up a short (100 words or similar) statement and a link to on-line resume.

  3. Consider making job postings paid for in the journal available to non-members via the website, i.e., not stuck in the members-only pages. Consider it marketing of the community, rather than a membership benefit.

  4. Send e-mails that market AsMA as a place to network for career development.

  5. Make special effort to develop postings for international jobs/fellowships/opportunities.

  6. Tie into research gap analysis to align gaps in research areas with opportunities for researchers.

  7. Develop and promote Cochrane Group participation as a career enhancing experience.

  8. Market AsMA to potential industry partners as the go-to group to find expertise.

If you have any questions or would like to throw some of your ideas twards the project (or suggestions of who they can contact to play a role in this new committee), contact Valerie Martindale at

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