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Congratulations to the Chairs of 2023 Annual Committee

Thank you to EVERYONE who volunteered. Here are this year’s annual committee leaders:

The Scientific Paper Award Committee

Chaired by Christine Schwartz, MD, Jason Vadhan, DO, and Vice Chaired by Ryan Lacinski

This committee selects the recipient of the AMSRO Scientific Paper Award. This is the oldest honor awarded to a first-listed author submission by a Student or Trainee to the AsMA annual scientific meeting. It is also the only award in the Aerospace Medical Association for Students and Trainees selected by other Students and Trainees

The Outstanding Mentorship Award Committee

Chaired by Nadav Ribak and Wendy Collins

This committee selects the recipient of the AMSRO Outstanding Mentorship Award, which serves to formally recognize those in the aerospace medicine community who have played an active role in educating and training future aerospace medicine healthcare providers.

The Anita Mantri, PhD, Memorial Award Committee

Chaired by Sarah Wright, MD

This committee selects an award recipient for the Anita Mantri Memorial Award, in honor of our late past president, Anita Mantri. This award seeks to recognize an AMSRO Member who exhibits passion for service, engagement in the aerospace medicine community, and a drive to facilitate inclusivity and mentorship within the field. D

The Elections Committee

Chaired by Michelle Hohm

Each year, a new Election Committee will be formed at least two months prior to the annual scientific assembly of the Aerospace Medical Association, as determined by the Executive Committee. This committee will consist of a minimum of four and a maximum of ten Members, who may be of any Membership category in good standing. Officer Candidates may not serve on the Election Committee. Outgoing Officers may serve as advisors to the Election Committee Chairs but may not serve as Committee Members or Chairs. The current acting President of the Organization will conduct solicitation for and selection of volunteer Election Committee Members as approved by the Executive Committee.

Please congratulate these committee leaders and help them in their work.


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