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2016 Mentorship Award

This year's mentorship award was presented to Dr. Erik Antonsen, M.D./Ph.D.. Dr. Antonsen

is the Element Scientist for Exploration Medical Capabilities at NASA Johnson Space Center. He is also an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Section of Emergency Medicine with a co-appointment as an Assistant Professor of Space Medicine at the Center for Space Medicine, both at Baylor College of Medicine. Clinically he works as an attending Emergency Physician at Ben Taub General Hospital in Houston, TX. At every AsMA conference, he can always be found reaching out to students and residents. He strongly encourages mentorship and reaches out not only to medical students and residents, but also the undergraduate students.Dr. Antonsen has offered opportunities for undergraduate NASA interns to shadow him in the emergency room, helping them make informed decisions about their future career paths . He is always enthusiastic about connecting with younger, rising students, and offering advice, encouragement, and insight. He goes above and beyond in helping students and residents find information and guidance, and has always been incredibly supportive.

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