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Anita Mantri, PhD Memorial Award Nominees Needed

Hello AMSRO Members,

Just wanted to remind you to set 5 minutes aside this weekend to nominate someone for the Anita Mantri, PhD Memorial Award. There has been only 1 response so far! This means that who you choose to nominate has a real shot at winning. You may write as little as a few sentences up to a whole story about why your nominee is awesome.

Please submit your nominations by Monday April 11th @ 11:59pm CDT by completing the form in your email.

Please don't hesitate to let us know of any questions or concerns. Information about this award is below.


Christine Schwartz and Ganeev Singh

The Anita Mantri, PhD Memorial Award Committee is calling upon all AMSRO members to submit essays to nominate your amazing peers and/or mentors for this award. This award, in honor of our late past president, seeks to recognize an AMSRO Member who exhibits passion for service, engagement in the aerospace medicine community, and a drive to facilitate inclusivity and mentorship within the field. Nominations must include a brief testimonial paragraph describing the nominee's merits as an outstanding candidate. Presentation of the award will take place at the annual AsMA meeting.

For reference, nominees will be judged by the following criteria:

1. AsMA and AMSRO membership in good standing

2. Engagement in the field of aerospace medicine or related specialties

3. Leadership by example

4. Demonstration of commitment to inclusivity, mentorship, and service


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