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#AsMA2022 Speed Mentoring Event

At AMSRO, we are excited to learn from those in the field. This year, we had an AWESOME speed mentoring event at AsMA 2022 in Reno, NV. There were about 50 total mentors and mentees (23+ of each). The entire session was 2 hours long. Mentees rotated and each met up to 15 mentors (7 minutes per session)! Our Mentees ranged from medical students and other HP students like pharmacists, to residents and post-docs. The Aerospace medicine mentors were primarily attending physicians and research scientists. We appreciate all the mentors and mentees who signed up and attended. We also appreciate those who helped organize and moderate the session: Jamil Jomaa, Tara Nibhanupudy, Michael Stephens, and Ari Epstein. Also special thanks goes out to KBR ( for their generous sponsor of the event.


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