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Free SGAC Event | 4/13

SGAC will be hosting an event April 13 at 7pm CST with Dr. Scott Parazynski. During this Health in Space webinar, you will be able to meet and ask questions from this widely sought-after astronaut and motivational speaker. Scott will share his success story, offer his insights into being a physician in space and give advice for the next generation. Hopefully, Dr. Parazynski will inspire and convince you that you have what it takes for a career in space!

Dr. Scott Parazynski is a highly decorated physician, astronaut, and tech CEO, recently inducted into the US Astronaut Hall of Fame. A veteran of five Space Shuttle flights and seven spacewalks, Parazynski’s final mission was highlighted by a dramatic, unplanned EVA to repair a live solar array. Scott received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Stanford University, and then continued on to graduate with honors from Stanford Medical School. He trained for a career in emergency medicine and trauma at Harvard and then at Denver. Thereafter, Scott was selected to join NASA’s Astronaut Corps. After retiring from NASA, he pursued entrepreneurial opportunities in the private sector. He is a founder and CEO of Fluidity Technologies start-up, focused on the development of revolutionary input devices powered by machine learning to intuitively move through physical and virtual space. On May 20, 2009, he became the first person to have both flown in space and summited Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth.


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