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New AMSRO Aerospace Resident Rep Elected

Congratulations to our newly elected AMSRO Aerospace Resident Representative, Karen Ong.

Dr. Ong is a physician-scientist who completed a residency in internal medicine and is now a first-year aerospace medicine resident at UTMB. She is passionate about science, medicine, public health, and interdisciplinary research. Her area of research is the mathematical biology of infectious diseases, and she hopes to bring a quantitative approach to space physiology. As your AMSRO Resident Representative, she hopes to continue helping to level the field for access to aerospace medicine, increasing the diversity of AMSRO and future aerospace medicine specialists, and helping interested students better understand the field of aerospace medicine and how to prepare for it. She is a private pilot with an instrument rating, a SCUBA diver, and an enthusiast for human-powered adventures of any sort. She currently spends most of her free time running and dreaming about the next big trail adventure.


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