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UMich AMSRO Event Upcoming on Jan 11th!

The AMSRO chapter at the University of Michigan Medical School will be hosting a Virtual Talk with Dr. Natach Chough - a full-time NASA flight surgeon AND a University of Michigan Medical School graduate on Jan 11th from 7-8pm EST! Dr. Natacha Chough will talk with us about: 1) how she explored aerospace medicine while at the University of Michigan Medical School 2) how she built her career for aerospace medicine (EM residency/aerospace med residency/research) 3) what it's now like to be a flight surgeon reporting to work at Mission Control in Houston! You do not want to miss this one!! :) We would love for all of you to join! The event flyer is below for more details. Please use the RSVP link below if you are interested in joining, so we have an idea of how many attendees to expect! Check your email for more information.

WHO? Open to all University of Michigan students AND AMSRO medical students and residents everywhere

WHEN? Jan 11th, 2021 @ 7pm-8pm EST


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